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There's no reason for a pregnant woman to look frumpy throughout her pregnancy. If you're used to dressing fashionably before pregnancy, you can continue to do so all through your pregnancy, and if you haven't been happy with your look previously, now's the time to make some changes. You will find maternity clothing in flattering styles that will make you look your best. Play up your best features with interesting necklines and great colors. Shop for maternity wear the same way you would for any other clothing, and you'll continue to glow clear up until your baby is born. While you definitely want to go with tops and dresses that will be loose over your belly, resist the temptation to purchase items that will be that free flowing all over.

Tops that are totally unstructured will make you appear shapeless and larger than you are. The best bet, then, is to choose a shirt that will provide some structure and be possibly even formfitting throughout the bust. This will draw attention to a feature other than your tummy, and give you the illusion of a figure.

With that said, the feature highlighted (your chest) won't be very flattering if you're wearing an unsupportive or tired old bra. Enough cannot be said on the importance of having the correct bra on underneath your clothes. One that is appropriately supportive, and properly fitted will be comfortable when worn, yet will keep your breasts uplifted and pointing in the proper direction. This can do wonders - absolute wonders! - for the overall look of the clothing you have chosen to wear. It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but a good quality, well fitted bra will last you through your entire pregnancy. And anything that makes you feel wonderfully attractive for even just a few months should be well worth the effort involved! Once you have chosen an uplifting and supportive undergarment, and a flattering style of shirt or top to go with it, it's time to focus a little more attention on color.

Sure, you want to choose colors that will work well with your skin tones and not wash you out, but, in addition to that, try to select colors that are bright and fun. You're pregnant, it's a wonderful time in your life, having followed the above rules, you're well dressed, so you should wear colors that will attract attention when you walk into a room. Red is a particularly good fashion choice, as it is bold without being tacky, and classic without being trendy. A red shirt or dress will definitely get you noticed and admired. Find a hue that works for your skin tone, and if a red solid is a bit too dramatic for your tastes, then wear it in a print (red and white, or red and tan prints are particularly fun and tasteful without ending up too garish or loud).

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