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Skincare Basics -- Facials, Regimens, Makeup & More

Here you'll find everything you need to know about skincare. Get the basics on skincare regimens, facials (both at-home & pro) and which skincare products are right for you.
The Best Moisturizers on the Market
No matter your skin type or your price range, there's a great moisturizer for you. Here I rundown the top moisturizers on the market for every skin type & for every budget.

Help for Lines & Age Spots on Chest
Help for Lines & Age Spots on Chest

Adult Acne: Causes & Remedies
Adult Acne: Causes & Remedies. One in five women between the ages of 25 & 40 suffer from adult acne. Here are a few facts about adult acne causes & remedies

Overcleansing Skin -- Signs You are Overcleansing Your Skin
Overcleansing Skin -- Signs You are Overcleansing Your Skin. If you skin feels tight & taut, chances are you are overcleansing your skin.

Loofahs -- Are They Good for You?
Loofahs -- Are They Good for You?

How to Do the Basic At-Home Facial
To maintain your healthy skin between professional treatments or to do them yourself, try this basic at-home facial once a week. This basic facial works on oily, dry and combination skin.

Homemade Face Masks -- Create Your Own Facial Masks -- Do-It-Yourself Face Masks
Don't want to use storebought face masks? Make your own homemade face masks using ingredients found in your kitchen (or your back yard). These do-it-yourself face mask recipes work on several different skin types.

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