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Why Women Love Diamond Rings

A dog is a mans best friend, whereas diamonds are a girls best friend - notice the difference? Of course, these are just sayings and by all means should not be taken literally. However, for all you women out there who do like your diamond rings then you will know firsthand that there is a difference in quality when maintaining a diamond in comparison to taking care of a dog! For example, most diamonds are hard wearing, do not require petting and do not need to be given a bath every week!

This is not however, about why diamonds are better than dogs but about why women love diamonds so much! A man who puts up with a girlfriend, who likes to go shopping every week, will not know what their fascination towards bags, make-up, jewellery or worse still shoes is based upon. After all how many pairs of shoes does one person need? In addition, why do most women have to have expensive taste in diamond rings?

I am not stereotyping women, being a woman myself; I for one know the importance of keeping ones appearance looking nice and immaculate, which reaches as far back as the ancient Egyptian ages and do include men grooming themselves. Women are unfortunately victims of much scrutiny for the choice in shopping for clothes they may not need and high heels that they cannot walk in. Nothing will compare to the demands that men make upon buying their gadgets, love of football and going out drinking with the lads.

At least the fascination with diamond rings is one that stems from a historical reference point at which would reveal its value and quality.

Proposing with a diamond ring is one of the most remarkable gifts you could ever bestow on your loved one, as it has fast become a symbol of exquisite taste, lasting unity and a sign of real appreciation for the other half. As illogical, as it may seem it is true to many people that a diamond ring shows you truly want to marry her.

The first diamond ring to set upon a womans hand was none other than Mary of Burgundy in 1477. The then Archduke of Austria Maximilian I had bestowed this ring as an engagement for his fiance.

This sparked the trend for exquisite and elaborately designed jewellery as a means for proposing and using as wedding bands. The Victorian ages saw women sporting rings with birthstones, floral designs and often-intricate patterns as not everyone could afford diamond rings.

Diamonds first became more regularly available in England during the mid 19th century with many of them coming from Africa. The Roman period had seen the first glimpses of diamond come from India where they were mined, with many of the wealthy people being able to afford a piece or two. What struck people about the diamond was its almost indestructible form, which made a more desirable gem and a useful industrial tool for cutting, polishing and drilling.

Aside from its industrial uses, it is better known for its elegance and sparkling appearance as a piece of jewellery, especially if it is an engagement or wedding ring. The diamond matches well with most metals such as silver, gold (white and yellow) and platinum. No matter how small the diamond is, a good quality genuine cut diamond will always have that extra large sparkle - so women with even a half carat diamond can display their jewel with pride.


About the Author (text)Anna Stenning loves to shop around for diamond rings with one day intending on buying one for herself. For an affordable selection of jewellery visit http://www.platinumdiamonds.co.uk/pd/

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