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What To Do If You Accidentally Put Contact Lens Cleaner In Your Eye

If you've ever accidentally put contact lens cleaner in the eye you know what we are talking about. Yes, it itches and it burns and you feel like gouging out your own eyes. What you need to do in such a situation is stay calm (Right! With all that itching, it's really easy to stay still) Contact lens cleaner is not corrosive to the eye, though if left inside for a long time can harm it. If you have had such a cleaner accident, remove your contact lenses immediately and liberally splash cold water into your eyes. Wait for sometime before you insert the contact lens in the affected eye again. If itching, redness or watering persists, go to your eye doctor immediately.

How Did The Cleaner Get In My Eye? Now that's a question with many answers. Patients have confessed to several reasons how the lens cleaner meant strictly for their contact lenses got into their eye in the first place. The most popular cause of this kind of an accident with lens cleaner was that they put the cleaner in the eye themselves hoping it would help dry eyes. In other instances, contact cleaner was put in along with the contact lens to help it to settle in the eye more easily.

There is more. one patient reported that he believed putting lens cleaner in his eyes, while he was wearing his contact lenses would actually keep them clean. Yet another one did not understand the instructions for using the contact cleaner. A lens cleaner is a special cleaner for contact lenses and helps remove loose dirt and debris from your contact lens. Manufactured by all leading lens makers contact cleaner preparations use several chemicals like edetate disodium and sorbic acid. To avoid such a cleaner accident read instructions for use carefully and see an eye doctor if you still happen to have an accident.

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