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How to Wear Red Lipstick

Why is it that red lipstick never seems to go out of style? Red is still hot for spring, according to the fashion magazines. But how to wear it?

The secret lies in the rest of your face. The paler the skin, the bigger the pop. And you’ll want to go light on the eyes and the blush, otherwise you’ll risk looking like a clown. Here’s how to do it: skip the eyeliner and go only for mascara (black for brunettes, brown for blondes & redheads), dust your face with powder and your cheeks with a soft blush. Always line your lips before applying color. Great shade of red: Arouse from the Prescriptives Modernista line. Extra tip: Pair your red lips with red nails. Try Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color, with real diamond particles. I like Diamond & Rubies ($4.50).

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