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It is very important to take care of one's skin and with the current weather conditions your skin care just goes for a toss. It is an integral part like you take care of your teeth. Everyday care and moisturizing helps your skin in a very long run. It can make a good amount of difference once you start taking care of your skin. When I say skin it doesn't mean your face is the only thing that has to be taken care and you should take care of your whole body. Before getting any of the home remedies done on your face you should see to it that you are not allergic to any of these fruits or vegetables.

Taking care of your skin by use of some natural home remedies can be of great help. To get rid of scars and tan you can scrub lime with granules of sugar which would help in lightening your skin and also removing the dead cells which are present. For smooth skin other things which can be done is to apply bananas mashed with milk and keep it for 20 minutes which would help in making your skin very smooth and supple. Egg and honey is also a very good combination which when applied would reduce your wrinkles and you could see a good change in a short while.

Sliced potatoes are also good if applied on your face and skin as it reduces blemishes and other scars. Turmeric has lot of healing capacity and if mixed with milk and applied on your face makes your skin smooth and also reduces the amount of wrinkles. Cucumber juice a powerful astringent is also very good as it tightens your face and if kept for 15 minutes you can easily see the result. Turmeric powder mixed with turmeric powder is a very good bleaching agent and could easily help in removing the tan once you have been out in the sun.

Kevin Pederson has been managing a number of sites related to hair and skin care which have information on keeping your skin beautiful and provide making it smooth with some home remedies.

Makeup Tips

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