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Tila Tequilas Jewelry Favorites

Tila tequila's jewelry and clothing have captured the imagination of young aspiring fashion models everywhere. They ask, "What kind of fashion sense does she have? What kind of clothes does she like to wear everyday? What is it like to be Tila Tequila?" Young aspiring fashion models can find role models at the click of a button. Who do they have to look up to, in this cyber-age when nearly everything - including money, exposure and fame - can be achieved through the Internet? Who else, but Internet superstars like Tila Tequila! Tila Tequila's MySpace journal is the most visited blog in the world, linked to 800,000 friends on MySpace, and with the last tally saying it has so far totaled over 245 million page views. Being the most popular girl on MySpace landed Tila Tequila a spot on Stuff Magazine. Her famous girl-with-sword photo shoot has so far been the defining achievement of her young career. But this photo shoot says little about Tila's unique fashion sense, Tila Tequila's clothes and Tila Tequila's jewelry favorites.

To do that, we have to go over to her famous MySpace blog and check out her pictures. What's this? Apparently Tila Tequila has started her own clothing line! All the designs are nifty enough, but what about jewelry? Perhaps we can infer Tila Tequila's jewelry favorites from the photos she has of herself which she has generously put up in her shop. Of course a fashion model has to accessorize, but Tila prefers to keep the body decorations down to a minimum it seems. And why wouldn't you want to, if you had a body like that? In her shop galleries, Tila shows that she likes to wear a thick, large-looped necklace, made of a light-colored material.either silver or stainless steel, perhaps? She also has a fondness for thick bracelets. Then in her party pictures, Tila Tequila's jewelry sense does a 180-degree turn and she is seen wearing a delicate pendant - still light-colored, but considerably less flashy than the one she uses in her shop photos.

She also wears thinner silver bracelets and rather large rings. It seems Tila has a fondness for silver, or at least silver-colored decor. It goes rather well with her lovely tanned skin, don't you think? This unique talent for accessorizing gives Tila Tequila exactly the skill sets needed to make it big not just in the Internet, but in international traditional modeling. "Minimalist" may be one way to describe it, but as with other self-made women like Pamela Anderson and Cindy Crawford, Tila remembers that the jewelry must serve to accentuate one's natural beauty - not the other way around! Moreover, she is proof that anyone can make it big in the multimedia business - but only with enough determination, grit, and a whole lot of fashion sense!.

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