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The Search for Acne Solutions

Billions of dollars are spent worldwide each year in search of acne solutions. Both consumers and pharmaceutical companies alike are spending the money to find an acne solution that works. Unfortunately, for many, the search is never ending.

In most cases of teenage acne, the person will outgrow the acne before they actually find a solution for curing it - but they will spend quite a bit of money looking for that cure. What many people fail to realize is that in many cases, it takes more than medication to cure acne. It may also require some lifestyle changes, such as the foods you eat, the way you care for your skin, and what you expose your skin to. For instance, if a food allergy is causing your acne - and this is very possible - you can use medication to clear up the outbreak, but once you eat that food again, you will have another outbreak. In addition to using acne solutions, you also have to keep your skin clean. You must wash your face at least twice a day to remove the dirt that clogs pores.

If you live in an area that has a lot of air pollution, you may even need to wash your face more often. You must also keep your hair off your face. Hair contains oils that cause acne.

You should keep your hands off your face as well, since your hands and fingers also contain oils that cause or aggravate acne. Popping or squeezing acne pimples should also be avoided. Not only does this cause scarring, but it can also spread the bacterium that contributes to acne breakouts, making the current breakout worse, and even causing new breakouts in the near future.

Using makeup is another problem. Daily use of makeup is bad enough, but when makeup is used to cover up acne pimples, the pimples heal slower, because the pores become even more clogged. Try to avoid wearing makeup, but if you must wear it, choose makeup that is hypoallergenic, or for sensitive skin. Also, avoid products that contain perfumes. When using acne solutions, make sure that you follow the directions.

Overuse of the product can cause as many problems as under use of the product. Follow the directions to the letter, unless your doctor or dermatologist advises otherwise. The best acne solutions will contain both topical treatment, as well as oral treatment. Acne starts on the inside of the body, but it is prevented and healed on both the inside and outside of the body. Talk with your doctor or dermatologist to find the best acne solution for your condition.

Make sure that you are aware of all of the potential side effects before deciding to use any type of treatment. Furthermore, make sure that you are giving the acne solution you are trying time to work. That is the biggest reason for failure with acne solutions.

Some treatments can take up to three months before they prove to be effective. Acne cannot be cured overnight, in most cases. Don't mix acne treatments. Don't use one product one day, then another the next day. Stick to one form of treatment, and give it time to work. Keep in mind that those acne solutions that work for one person will probably not work for the next person.

What worked for your mother, brother, or best friend may or may not work for you. We all have different skin types, and different chemical makeup's - and we all respond differently to medication and acne treatments. Work to find what works for you and your acne. It is possible to find acne solutions that work for you.

You just can't depend solely on the acne treatment to cure or prevent acne, without making other lifestyle changes, even though those lifestyle changes are very small. You must be consistent in order to be successful. The biggest change you may need to make might be in the foods that you eat. A good allergy specialist can determine what foods may be causing your acne breakouts, and eliminating those foods from your diet will go along way towards helping your acne solution work for you.

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