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Take the Pain out of Finding Childrens Jewelry

Finding jewellery for kids can be very fun and indulging for the parent. There are numerous things to take into account when you are buying jewellery for kids and primary is the budget and age of the receiver. You should buy jewellery that will fit with the activity level and the maturity development of the child who is going to wear it. It is recommended that you go jewellery shopping with the child to make sure that he or she likes the jewellery. But in case you want it as a surprise or you wish to buy from the internet and you are not the parent, then a quick consultation with her mum or dad will help you get the right item. Always take into account the age of the kid, jewellery has small and easily detachable parts are not advised for children below three years old because these parts can detach and may cause choking.

Normally, it is recommended that jewellery types such as rings, necklaces and bracelets be given to kids old enough to understand that it is not something they place in their mouth. Earrings on the other hand can be given earlier, but this choice is up to the parents if they want their children to have pierced ears this early in life or not. Necklaces are not advised for younger kids; they should not be used by babies as well. Infants can easily get strangled by the necklace especially when they are most active and constantly rolling over, catching the necklace.

The Budget is always something that needs to be considered. The type of jewellery purchase really rests on the whether the buyer is willing to spend a lot of money in buying top quality, genuine pieces of jewellery for the child. When it comes to children's jewellery however, people don't need to indulge on it too much. Most kids are happy and get excited by cheap plastic bead jewellery like affordable charm bracelets. It is important to be careful when buying cheap, mass produced jewellery especially those that have been imported into the country because they sometimes have safety violations. An issue that has come up lately when it comes to purchasing for children is the material safety of the item being purchased.

It became an enormous frenzy when some big toy companies started pulling out their toy lines from the market. Lots of pieces were recalled from homes because of the dangerously high amount of lead found in the materials that were used to manufacture those toys. Lead is very harmful to children's health; it is a major component of common paint and it was seen to cause some cases of mental retardation in small children exposed to it. If you are thinking that lead is only isolated in toys, then you are wrong. There have been cases in which children's jewellery were tested and were revealed to have a significant level of the substance. Overall, as long as those few tips are kept in mind, there is absolutely no reason why jewellery shopping for kids should be in any way stressful for the parent.

Make sure that the child is also comfortable with the piece and you will see their faces light up the very moment they wear it.

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