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Nowadays, people have to make a difficult choice when it comes to cosmetics, because they do not know what products to choose. You no longer have to spend too much of your time on choosing the suitable cosmetics, since natural cosmetics are ideal for all skin types. Undoubtedly, going natural is the cosmetic fashion that everyone should adopt for the best benefit of his or her body. Dead Sea cosmetics are ideal for all types of skin, being a source of freshness and health for your skin.

The Dead Sea is an isolated lake that has the saltiest water in the world and a unique chemical composition. The Dead Sea is located at the lowest point of the planet, which is approximately seven hundred meters below sea level and its water is rich in salts and minerals. The Dead Sea water has a beneficial effect not only for our skin, but also for respiratory problems, eye diseases and other problems. Our skin needs mineral care in order to be able to absorb the necessary amount of hydration. One will definitely benefit from the properties of such Dead Sea minerals in the ample line of Dead Sea cosmetics. The Dead Sea contains around twenty minerals and Mineral Care products have numerous properties: they cleanse and tighten your skin, they nourish it and they help us have a glowing skin.

Queens and kings have known the therapeutic properties of mineral care for centuries and fortunately, nowadays, we all can enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of Dead Sea cosmetics. The mineral composition of Dead Sea cosmetics improves cell metabolism and facilitates the restoration and the regeneration of the cells. Some of the most important minerals found in the Dead Sea are sodium, magnesium, calcium, bromine, potassium and bitumen. Sodium removes skin scales and makes the skin suppler, being highly recommended for persons with dry skin. Magnesium plays an important role in cell metabolism; potassium facilitates the oxidation of the skin while bromide has a high concentration of salt, conferring the skin a relaxing effect.

Calcium is widely known for pore cleansing and for strengthening cell membranes. Mineral Care products are quality cosmetics, based on plant extracts and minerals from the Dead Sea. These products confer vitality to your skin; they protect it, nurture it and prevent premature aging. If you are a fan of natural products, you should know that mineral products are natural, pure and non-chemical.

An important aspect of the Dead Sea is its black mud. This black mud has a high quantity of magnesium, bitumen and silicates. Black mud cleanses and softens the skin, being famous for its therapeutic properties and its beneficial effects. Natural skin care products represent the foundation of Dead Sea cosmetics. These natural mineral products are famous throughout the world for their famous rejuvenating and anti-aging properties.

These products do not have any chemicals in their composition, they do not leave an oily aspect after using them and they are curative and healthy. Dead Sea cosmetics offers a wide range of products, such as eye creams, hand and face creams, masks, peels and anything else you wish for. The products can be found at accessible prices and they are strongly recommended. Whether you are looking for skin care products or whether you have skin problems, Dead Sea products represent the best choice.

We at Dead Sea cosmetics offer you natural skin care products and mineral care products, which are greatly advisable if you want a healthy, glowing skin.

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