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Some Tips on Fighting Acne Successfully

This skin disorder generally appears during puberty and always heals but the process of healing is difficult and can last sometimes for several years. Even though Acne is not dangerous it must be considered with seriousness as it can cause psychological damage to the affected person. The causes of Acne have not been completely elucidated yet, but it seems that the hormonal changes that occur during puberty are playing an important part in unleashing Acne.

Along with the hormonal changes some other factors are made responsible for Acne: wrong alimentation, psycho-nervous disorders, metabolism disorders, bowel problems and chronic infectious hotbeds. Stress is also responsible for the mess on our face along with dust, certain face creams and bromine contact. Acne appears due to an excessive sebum production by the sebaceous glands in our skin.

This sebum is getting hard inside the face pores and will create visible comedons. Due to the permanent existent bacterium that lives on our skin, inflammations will appear along with hard, red nodules and pus. Mistreated these forms of Acne will leave marks on the skin depending on the area they have appeared.

The juvenile Acne mostly occurs on the face, chest and upper back while some special forms of Acne can appear all over the body and have no connection with the person's age. Acne treatment must be prescribed by a dermatologist. He will not only give you drugs but will also want you to change you life style. You will have to follow a diet, based mostly on vegetables and fruits. The doctor will also tell you to avoid smoking, alcohol and eating to much chocolate. It is important to avoid constipation by eating linseeds or wheat bran.

You will also have to adopt a healthy lifestyle, with enough sleeping and lots of exercising in the nature, avoiding too much stress and also learning to relax. Also, you must keep your skin clean by washing it twice a day with a non soap cleanser. After washing the face apply on the affected areas an alcohol free lotion based on hamamelis, chamomile, sulphur and salicylic acid. Some of these plants contain vitamin B which is good for the skin. You can also apply special creams designed for an Acneic skin and you should know that some of them are colored as so they can cover the unaesthetic inflammations on the skin.

You should talk with your dermatologist before using such crèmes as he is the only person that knows what suits your skin best. Therapy can be completed with facial steam baths twice a week. In the water you use add chamomile or another plant called horsetail. Resin and bee propolis have given great results even in the worse cases of Acne. Most of all, those who are fighting with Acne should have a lot of patience and follow the exact indications of the doctor completing them with using natural products like the ones mentioned above. In the cases of stress based Acne the patient can learn to apply anti-stress exercises like yoga, gentle stretching exercise and careful breathing.

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