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Solutions for Resizing a Ring that Does Not Fit

You might be surprised to know just how many ladies come to our business with similar problems. Of course, the knuckle is the critical point in simply getting a ring on the finger in the first place, and then comes the difference in size with that and the bottom part of the finger. We see this from injury, arthritis and simple heredity. The knuckle on my left ring finger is larger than the part where the ring goes and I like wider bands.well, the size difference is not so great but the situation was solved by using three narrow bands which will go over the knuckle ok while a single band that wide would be a real problem.

In your situation there is the problem of the ring being so loose that it turns on the finger and is perhaps uncomfortable with the extra space. Let me tell you now, there is hope! The differences in the "hope" is price and what suits you best. I will start with the lowest priced options first. Truly, sometimes the simple solution works fine but other options are there even if more pricy.

I will not even mention duct tape! MEANS OF FITTING A RING WHEN THE KNUCKLE IS ENLARGED. This is the first option. The simple RING GUARD. A ring guard is a piece of metal formed so the ends will wrap around the lower part of the ring shank (band). Sometimes these work quite well. Generally, in gold filled the price installed is about $7 - $10.

Ring guards are available in karat gold such as 14k but first try the gold filled ones and see how it works for you. Over time, the device will need to be replaced but the cost is minimal compared to other options. To see what a ring guard looks like, browse through a few search engine results. For example, Ring Guard (site chosen at random in Google): Figure perhaps $7 -$10 Sizing Beads. Figure perhaps $55 There is no website for this since this is a jeweler made and installed option.

Sizing beads are small roundish beads made of the same metal as your engagement ring. Two beads are soldered into the ring shank on the lower 1/3 of the ring. These take up space and help prevent a ring from turning on the finger. Generally, unless actual bone against thin skin is the knuckle problem, the sizing beads work pretty well.

It is difficult to measure accurately for these beads. The jeweler will make the beads larger to start and can trim the size down in a "try and fit" situation. The two beads generally go over the knuckle with little if any problem. Figure perhaps $85 plus the cost of sizing the ring up about 1/4 sizes, about $28 more. The butterfly is a U shaped piece of white gold (since it is more springy than yellow) with the bottom of the U soldered in place inside the ring. The bottom of the U is at the bottom of the ring.

The two sides go up about to slightly more in the ring. The sides spring outward when the ring is put on and spring back in when on the finger where the ring is to be worn. The ring must be resized slightly larger to accommodate the space taken up by the "butterfly" piece of metal. These work pretty well in most cases but fit can be guessy. Ok, so those are the first ways to approach the fit problem with a problem knuckle.

The rest are quite price in comparison and are certainly permanent options. The afore mentioned methods may be removed and the ring made just as it was to start with. These next devices mean about 1/2 of the ring shank must be removed and replaced with the new shank which opens and closes to fit the finger. If the ring is platinum, the price is not shown here.

In fact, some of the devices are not available in platinum. Yes, these are pricy but work very, very well. I suggest trying the ring guard and perhaps sizing beads first, even if it means spending a little up front.

Then, if all else fails, consider one of these specialty ring shanks. Web site for each type are shown, the home sites for the manufacturers. Ring Shanks of the Open and Close Type. See each type for price guesses.

Fingerfit shank. The fingerfit shank is the one we sell the most of. The device opens to allow fitting onto the finger and closes on the wearing part of the finger. For this and the other two devices mentioned, first the jeweler must measure your knuckle and then measure your finger where the ring is worn.

The new shank is fitted to the lower half of your ring with a closed size to match your finger size. Figure about $400. Superfit shank. This is heavier than the fingerfit and very well finished. The shank snaps shut on well designed closure which is practically invisible when closed.

The top of the ring must be strong enough to keep tension in the Superfit. A good jeweler who has installed these before can tell you about that. Do not use a jeweler who does not have experience with the Superfit. Figure about $500. Lockshank.

This is one I have not used. I have done all of the above but not this one and cannot comment on how well it works. Price, well, I figure about $500.

This device appears to be simply an open and close hinged ring band with a secure fit when closed. It should work just fine. There is your answer and I did not mention duct tape again or adhesive tape.a nightmare to jewelers to remove when doing work on a ring!!! Please do not use the tape.

If the ring will fit on with something like tape on the shank, the sizing beads should work fine. The butterfly is not a bad option but I get mixed reviews on it. The beads are difficult to fit to size and do not work in all cases. However, when smooth and the right size, these seem to be and almost ideal answer with no more than 1 size is the finger issue. Note on prices: I figured average prices based on the totally out of sight price of gold right now. Gold is higher than in years and silver and platinum are in the same situation.

Prices from last year are almost doubled in some cases and at least up 30% in other areas of the jewelry market. Prices include total cost of the item and installation based on typical pricing structure. Of course, you local market will determine actual price in your area.

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