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Plus Size Womens Shoes For Your Look

Many people look at Cinderella as having the best evening gown, but it was really her glass slippers that shined at the ball. A perfect pair of slippers can make your evening gown look even more resplendent and radiant. Dresses aren't able to have this look by themselves. Being decked out in glamour is essential to looking great, from head to toe! If you are attending a social occasion, be sure to choose shoes that are relatively the same color as your dress or possibly darker, never lighter. Don't worry, fashion rules can be broken - try new things - the fashion police won't be after you for everything.

Try metallic gold, silver, or bronze leather shoes if you want to add some spice to your outfit. These are always attractive, especially with an evening gown that has a sexy side or back slit. If you want to be creative then try to be even more creative when it comes to your shoes. Try shoes with beads or glitter.

Of course, try not to be too crazy! Less is usually more! Plus size ladies have plenty of options for styles of shoes. Heels are always good for the glam factor as heels were meant to be worn for dancing and social events. If you do not like too much of a heel then choose a shoe that has at least an inch or an inch and a half. For the plus size petite lady the extra height is a good thing, especially if your date towers over you! In your new elegant evening gown and coordinating shoes, you want to make sure you look feminine and your best.

Try wearing a pair of sandals, slingbacks, or a pair of open-toed pumps to compliment your outfit during the summer. Shoes should pull your look together but not distract from your dress in any way. If you decide against wearing stockings or pantyhose and have picked out a pair of strappy open-toed shoes, you need to make sure your feet are looking their best. Smooth out rough spots on your heels by using a pumice stone. Give yourself a pedicure or go and have one professionally done. Make sure your toenails are neatly trimmed and look as nice as they can by using polish that suits the occasion.

You don't have to coordinate your toenail polish with your nail polish, but if you want to, then go right ahead! If you don't feel confident about the way your feet look or just want to keep them covered that is alright too. Your goal is to feel self-assured, beautiful and sexy, just like the goddess you truly are!.

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