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Keeping your skin looking its best is not easy at all. There are so many things these days that can damage your skin and contribute to premature aging. Things like air pollution, smoking, lack of sleep, and UV rays from the sun can all damage your skin. A simple skin care regime can help to lessen or even temporarily prevent the impact of these damaging elements. On the most basic level a good skin care regime consists of just a few easy steps.

These don't take very much time and will quickly just become part of your daily routine. You first need to clean your skin, find something that doesn't over-dry your skin if you are prone to dry skin. In most cases some kind of gentle soap will be best. The next steps are to use a toning product, and then moisturize it as well.

The final element that every basic skin care plan needs is sun protection. This is for everyday, you don't need to wear SPF 60 if you are in the office all day, something light will do just fine. Something that provides around SPF 15 protection is fine if you really don't spend very much time outdoors on a given day. Preventing UV damage will pay off in the long term. Aside from a basic skin care routine you may have one or more aspects of your lifestyle that could be changed to improve your skin. The most major is quitting smoking, as well as being bad for your health smoking is bad for your skin, particularly the skin of your face and hands.

While extending your life dropping cigarettes will also keep you looking better. There are also some less difficult changes you may be able to make. Who doesn't want to get more sleep right? Well getting a proper amount of sleep will make you feel better and help your skin look better. You may not be getting enough water daily, keep in mind eight glasses is the recommended intake. Eating an unhealthy unbalanced diet can contribute to bad skin. Try to eat better, cutting back on fast food, add more vegetables to your meals.

That was just a short list of things that can help improve your skin when combined with a skin care regime. It is no coincidence that the list seems to be all things that would be good for your general health. Generally speaking improving your health level will help your skin as well. Improving your health and starting a skin care plan are a good start, if you have more complicated problems consider seeing a beautician for more tip, or a dermatologist if you have more serious medical concerns.

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Makeup Tips

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