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Quick Tip for Night-Time Makeup

Quick Tip

How NOT to Over-do It

If you're going out & you want to look fabulous, just remember this simple tip: Either play up your eyes or your mouth, never both. If you accentuate both features, you risk looking dated (remember the 80s?), harsh & artificial.

If you choose to play up your eyes, you can be as dramatic as you want with eyeliner, shadow & mascara. But stick to gloss or a light lipstick shade for your lips. You want your eyes to 'pop.' But you don't want them competing with your lips.

If it's your lips you want to accentuate, paint on a strong shade & line just your upper lashes with a couple strokes of mascara to finish your eyes. If your eyelids have bluish lines, you can mask that with face powder or concealer, but stay away from colored shadows -- the lighter, the better.

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