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Moissanite Wedding Sets Perfect Symbol of Lasting Love

Moissanite was discovered during the latter part of the nineteenth century by Dr Henri Moissan. It is only in recent years, however, that the replica diamond has become widely available. This crystal is very similar to a diamond, being nearly as hard, and yet also much more brilliance and lustre than the diamond. Moissanite is one of the most realistic substitutes for a diamond around, and its hard surface makes it scratch resistant, more so than cubic zirconia. A Moissanite wedding ring looks as good as a diamond ring, but costs as little as one tenth of the price of a diamond.

Moissanite is made from silicon and carbon, and this makes Moissanite wedding sets have similar physical properties to a true diamond. Testing with a traditional diamond tester shows that Moissanite resembles a diamond Moissanite wedding rings do not fad or gain colour with age, and they also come with a lifetime warranty; in fact, Moissanite rings are becoming the symbols of smart, fashionable women everywhere. The glistening sparkle of the ring, which often has more fire or brilliance than a real diamond, means that many women fall in love with the stunning rings. Women don't get Moissanite wedding bands instead of a diamond ring: they buy the jewel because of its quality and fashionable status. In addition, gem collectors are becoming interested in the man-made crystal because of its fire and brilliance, and durability.

A Moissanite ring is therefore likely to increase in value with age. As Moissanite is a near colourless crystal, it has a much more authentic look than diamond substitutes such as cubic zirconia. Since completely colourless diamonds are very rare, this hint of colour in a Moissanite jewel makes it look totally natural. This colour also makes the crystal less likely to fade or become discoloured through time, so a wedding ring made of Moissanite will keep its shine and value for as long as a diamond. Moissanite wedding sets are a fashionable and cost-effective alternative to diamond rings, and the crystals are an attractive adornment by themselves. A platinum Moissanite ring is something which a bride can treasure forever, knowing that the jewel will be as scratch resistant and hard-wearing as a diamond.

The quality of Moissanite makes it a perfect symbol of lasting love and loyalty, and an ideal wedding ring. And always remember that when diamond is out of your budget, Moissanite will be always there for you.

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