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Love Lip Gloss, But Hate the Mess?


I know lip gloss continues to be very popular, but I hate the mess. Are there any glosses out there that feel less 'goopy' than the typical ones?

I know what you mean. I hate how my hair sticks to gloss, for example, but there are some different types of glosses to try.

Sephora Crayon Gloss lip gloss pencil feels like a gloss but is more precise & less messy. You might also try Sonia Kashuk Lip Glossing with No-Feather pencil, which forms a translucent barrier around your lips so your gloss doesn't feather. The Kashuk gloss is particularly great for women with fine lines around their lips who usually shy away from gloss.

Other great glosses: Chanel Glossimer in Satinette which won't go tacky on you & Victoria's Secret Pink Slip which stays put for hours, unlike most goopy glosses.

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