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The skin is one of the vital sense organs and it is the most sensitive part of the body. The skin is one part of the body which is exposed to all the external factors like the climatic conditions to pollution and all these can take a toll on one's skin. Not only physical factors, but even psychological disorders and stress can prove to be equally harmful for the skin.

Therefore it is extremely necessary for one to preserve and take care of the skin to avoid ailments and infections. One of the prevalent problems that affect the skin is acne or pimple. While with the progress of time various modes of acne treatment have been experimented and analyzed, cosmetic surgery has also proved to be a viable option for this purpose. Laser treatments for acne treatment are usually adopted by those individuals who do not wish to devote the amount of time required for acne removal by medication and thus go for a less time-consuming method. It is important to point out here that in case of the use of laser surgery, it totally depends on the opinion of the cosmetic surgeon to ensure whether the laser treatment is necessary for an individual.

Researches have revealed that on a broad basis there are two major kinds of laser and light treatments which are to be employed for treating acne. It is well known that the excess secretion of the sebaceous glands is one of the prevalent reasons for acne formation on the skin. One of the effective means of implementing laser and light surgery for treating acne is by minimizing the sebaceous glands thus reducing swelling that had developed as a result of acne or pimples.

The laser systems contribute greatly in curbing the growth of bacterial components which facilitate the formation of acne lesions. It is necessary to note here that the laser treatment would have to continue for several months and in course of this time it will be possible for one to notice the difference in the reduction of acne formation. During the laser treatment procedure, there is a certain condition known as 'rubber band sensation' and since many patients feel discomfort during this process, anesthetics are usually applied to counter its effect. In most cases, the laser treatment clinics suggest the use of certain acne treatment products after the surgical procedure is complete in order to ensure that there is no outbreak of pimples or even in case of new formations, they can ensure that these are treated immediately.

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