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The changing of hair color has been around for years and is fast catching on as a fashion trend among all ages and is no longer just associated with teenagers. Dying of the hair is largely associated with women, but more and more men are turning to the hair dye now too. Changing your hair color is such a popular thing because it allows people to change their physical appearance quickly and effortlessly. Sometimes this makes the difference between someone having confidence and feeling good about them self or feeling ugly and ashamed.

There are two main types of dye: permanent and semi permanent and each have variations of that.

The fundamental difference between these types of hair color products are how long the color stays in your hair. Permanent dyes are formulated with hydrogen peroxide which opens up the hair cuticle and makes it very easy for the dye to penetrate the surface and form the color on the hair. The higher the level of peroxide in the tint the quicker and lighter the results will be. Generally, permanent tints are something that when used, you must wait for your hair to grow out to get rid of the color. This is typically not recommended for people who are dying their hair for the first time because it is so incredibly drastic. Also, the process of growing your natural hair color back out can be a long and stressful process.

Semi permanent colors are a great alternative to other hair dyes because they are not a permanent decision. Semi permanent formulas help to vary the tone of you natural hair by highlighting it or making it a shade or two darker with low lights. Most semi permanent hair dyes contain a very low degree of peroxide so it only slightly opens the cuticle to penetrate the service with the new hair color. Typically, a dye which falls under this category lasts for up twenty shampoos and then slowly begins to fade with more washes.

Although changing you hair color for the first time is something that is best left up to professionals, it is possible to tackle it yourself.

Figuring out how drastic of a change you want is the first step. If you take the time to conduct a little research and shop around you will be pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to choose your new hair color. Then, all you have to do is enjoy being beautiful.


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