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How To Turn Oily Skin Into Healthy Skin

Oily skin can be a headache; it can be embarrassing and physically uncomfortable. You may be wondering what you are doing that causes your skin to be so oily. Oily skin is genetic and was probably a gift from your ancestors adaptation to a hot, humid climate. Stress and hormones play a part in oily skin as well. Of course, there may be things you are doing that worsen this condition, but rest assured, you did not cause it.

However, you can control it. In all honesty having oily skin is actually a blessing in the long run, so control it for now and enjoy these benefits in the future: slower aging process, less discoloration (and freckling), and less burning. Select cleansers carefully.

Traditional care for oily skin tells people to use cleansers that strip the skin. Today, we know that stripping the skin does not help oily skin; rather it creates a vicious cycle because the skin ends up producing more oil to combat the lack of moisture caused by the excessive drying qualities of traditional treatment. Be warned, traditional products are still found on discount store shelves.

You need a mild, organic cleanser that will cleanse the debris but not strip the oil. Use warm water. Using hot water can cause excessive drying, again creating the cycle of oil production that we are trying to balance. Forget the apple a day, and use a lemon instead.

Squeeze the juice from a fresh organic lemon and apply to your face with a cotton ball, letting it sit for 3 minutes before your daily cleansing. Witch Hazel makes a good astringent. It contains some alcohol, but not enough that it strips the skin. If you don't care for the witch hazel, look for a mild organic toner. Soaking cotton balls in a mild astringent or witch hazel and carrying them in a sealed, airtight container for use when your skin feels too oily is better for your face than washing too frequently. You may that some mild organic astringents are sold in this form.

Masks: Use mud or clay masks for oil absorbency. Effects of mask treatments are temporary, but you may find that they are worthwhile for those special nights; temporary effects are generally lack oil surface oil and toned skin. Despite marketing hoopla, masks do not deep clean the skin, they simply cleanse away debris from the surface of the skin. If you have sensitive skin, look for masks that are lighter in color (the lighter the better for sensitivity) even though darker clay absorbs oil better.

The darker clays can grievously aggravate sensitive skin, which would counteract the purpose of using a mask to temporarily make your skin look its best. Make sure that your makeup is not oil based; for oily skin, you want to always use water based products. You can find products that camouflage oily skin by absorbing the excess oil, but they do not control oil production, no product can truly control it.

To stabilize your oil production, you must concentrate on the above described care and establish a good schedule of skin care. One product that will absorb oiliness throughout the day is cornstarch based baby powder. A light brushing of this with your makeup application will help camouflage oil during the day, how long depends on the extent of your skins oil production.

Drink your water! Sodas and other caffeinated beverages leech fluid from the body because caffeine is a diuretic. Since oily skin can be worsened by the skin trying to compensate for lack of moisture, keeping plenty of internal fluid is important. Other than the need to keep well hydrated, studies have not shown any links between food and oily skin. Remember Mom telling you to stay away from chocolate to avoid zits? Well, she was wrong, although it is not her fault.

It used to be believed that there was a link; this belief has since been proven wrong. Learn to care for your oily skin to alleviate your daily irritation, but appreciate it for what it will do for you in the long haul. While other women may be getting (or considering) face lifts, you will be a shining example of aging gracefully.

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