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How to Prevent Adult Acne Destroying Your Life

Acne is usually thought to be a problem mainly affecting teenagers, but this trend is changing. Adult acne is a condition that is on the rise. Some have suggested the rise in this malady has been caused by such modern-day circumstances as air pollution and junk food.

Whatever the cause, adult acne can cause untold grief and discouragement for those who are afflicted with it. Improving your diet is one of the first lines of defense you can take if you are trying to keep acne from destroying your adult life. We seem to grow immune to dietary advice the more we hear it. We all know we should watch fats and sugars, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Yet we have a hard time implementing these changes. Do it for your face next time! One superfood you should add to your diet is flaxseed meal. This good tasting addition to soups and salads contains a wide range of healthy nutrients including essential fatty acids and lignans.

Lignans are phytoestrogens that help stabilize women's hormones. Since adult acne is more prevalent in women, and since it can be aggravated by hormonal fluctuations, the lignans can help. The essential fatty acids work as anti-inflammatory agents.

Current topical treatments for adult acne include benzoyl peroxide and acid peels. Mild cases can be treated with over the counter products, while severe cases may need prescription medications containing these ingredients. Benzoyl peroxide works by killing the bacteria that cause acne. The acid peels can be uncomfortable, but they remove the outer layer of skin so that other medications can get deep into the pores. Sometimes a dermatologist will prescribe a course of antibiotics to fight inflamed acne.

It's always a good idea to take acidophilus or eat yogurt when you have to take antibiotics, because the medication will kill the favorable bacteria in your digestive tract as well as the unfavorable ones that are causing the acne. You should wash your face no more than twice a day. Use a gentle cleanser and a gentle touch. Don't scrub it with rough textured pads or cloths like you may have done when you were a teenager. Your skin is much drier and more delicate now.

Do be sure to remove your make-up at night, and cleanse your face of perspiration after you work out. The sun can actually make acne worse, although many people seem to think getting a tan helps. A steam facial, on the other hand, with or without herbs added, can help the pores to open. Many skin-friendly herbs can be made into a healing tea that can be used for gently cleansing the skin. Some good herbs for the skin include great burdock root, yarrow, marshmallow, and calendula. Tea tree oil is healing for skin ailments, but can be harsh.

Try to find a product that contains less than 35 percent tea tree oil to get the healing benefit without the harshness. Vitamin E oil is another healing ingredient to look for. In addition to eating right and using safe, effective skincare products, it's always smart to keep an upbeat, confident attitude. Whatever physical ailment a person has to contend with, discouragement can only make it worse.

For more information and resources on the best acne skincare treatments http://www.acneskincaretreatments.com/

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