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How To Care For Your Feet The Organic Way And Combat Fatigue

Did you know that your foot can reach a whopping 106 degrees Fahrenheit when enclosed in a poorly ventilated shoe? On top of this, your feet (like your hands) do not produce natural body oils which help keep skin lubricated. Proper overall skin care should always include a foot regimen because your feet do not get near the moisture they need to look young and beautiful any other way. A main part of foot treatment is foot massage.

Massages increase circulation and aid in toxin removal from your skin. Although you can buy a multitude of massage oils and creams, creating a simple organic warm mixture of 6 drops organic lavender essential oil, 1/2 ounce organic olive oil, and 1/2 ounce organic jojoba oil is an inexpensive yet delightful treatment for the foot. Massage all of your foot with the above mixture. Run your oil over the entire foot and ankle area, then concentrate on individual parts, starting with the toes. Massage each one individually and moved to the ball of your foot.

This area should be worked with your thumbs and deep pressure, as should the arch. After massaging the arch, move to your heel. Take some extra time to work the oil into the heel, especially if it is dry and/or cracking. From the heel, work small circles up and around your ankle with your thumbs.

Wipe off all excess oil before stepping into your bathtub or shower. In the bath/shower, use a foot brush to clean, using a good organic cleanser and paying special attention to getting between toes and removal of dead skin on the foot. Moisturize your feet after bathing with a good organic moisturizer. If feet are extremely dry, choose a heavy cream moisturizer at night, apply liberally and put cotton socks on to aid absorption. At least once per week, a good organic exfoliating treatment (see "Exfoliation" for recipes) should be used, paying special attention to any thickened areas (these are dead skin areas). These should be applied using a small circular movement.

Apply your organic moisturizer after rinsing the exfoliation treatment off. Foot apparel is important. Pinched feet create more fatigue as well as thickening skin where the shoe rubs.

High heels are not good for your feet and tend to cause thickened skin on the outer edges of your big and little toes as well on the ball of your foot, so try not to wear them any more than necessary. Remember that your shoes trap energy (this is why feet get so hot). By going without shoes as much as possible (at work, this may mean removing your shoes while you are at your desk while at home you can walk barefoot). The muscles in your feet are kept in shape through walking barefoot. Just doing your normal household chores barefoot helps keep these muscles toned. For tired feet, try this foot soak.

You can do it in a foot bath/massager, a tub, a sink, etc. The where and how does not matter, it will invigorate you tootsies! Add 1/4 cup Epsom Salt and 4 drops organic rosemary (or peppermint) essential oil to 3 gallons warm water and soak your feet for 15 to 20 minutes. Apply organic moisturizer afterwards. Adding organic milk to this will help soften your skin because milk has a natural alpha hydroxy acid in it. Every one has problem areas on their feet from time to time.

These quick solutions will help you combat your dry skin problem areas. Use a pumice stone one heels after foot baths. Use a heavy organic cream moisturizer (liberally applied and covered with cotton socks) before bed every night.

Apply ripe organic banana (mashed) to the heels and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes, rinse well with warm water. Soak your feet in milk regularly. A less wasteful way to accomplish this is to use a hand towel doused with milk. Wrap around the foot, making sure that the dry skin problems are in contact with the milk.

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