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How To Care For Your Diamond Ring

There are so many diamond rings out there how can you even begin to choose one. Diamonds are very old dating back billions of years even before the dinosaurs were on the earth. The process of finding and excavating these very rare and precious jewels has taken a lot of time and money hence their cost. Even today with modern equipment diamonds are still not easy to find and geologists search the remotest corners of the world in their quest to find diamonds.

Most diamonds end up as diamond rings, from the smallest to the largest. Diamonds rings are usually given as a symbol of love and a commitment of marriage at a later date. Many of us will remember Richard Burton giving Elizabeth Taylor a diamond ring as a token of his love for her. This diamond was 33 carat and worth over 7 million pounds.

Today you can look in all the jewelers shops and find a huge array of diamond rings and other types of jewelry, but diamonds are not as plentiful as they seem. So where do we go to find the diamond ring of our choice, these days there are many places Jewelers, the Internet Catalogues and even your daily newspaper magazine. Diamonds are classified by there size and their clarity (quality) and also there color, in other words you get what you pay for.

Some places will offer discounts if you buy your diamond ring from them or maybe give you free insurance so it does pay to shop around and not go for the first one that you see. The diamond ring you purchase will hopefully be on your finger for a very long time so choose wisely. When buying your diamond ring don't forget to insure it properly many insurance policies only cover an amount of up to $1000 for jewelry so your diamond ring will have to be insured as a separate item, so check your policy to avoid losing out should the ring become lost or stolen.

Also remember the difficulty in finding these diamonds and the fact that they are in short supply, did you know all the diamonds that have ever been polished would only fit in one double decker bus, makes you think doesn't it. It is important to care your diamond once you have chosen it, your daily tasks of cleaning and using household products can leave a film over the diamond which stops it from shining, you may have purchased a diamond ring that has been coated to avoid this but if not try soaking the ring in mild soapy water and using a soft brush to remove any debris. Although diamonds are extremely hard and durable if they have been treated with something to hold the shine using a hard brush or scrubbing too vigorously could remove this protective coating so take care when you do decide to clean your diamond ring.

Vicki Churchill writes for Finest Diamond Rings, a site that specializes in Diamond Rings & also Diamond Snake Rings, including how, where & what to buy.

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