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Hair Styling Secrets of the Top Salons

You may not be able to visit an expensive salon, but you can take advantage of these styling tips from some top hair stylists. Create Soft Waves - Blow dry your hair straight. Spray Evian (or other bottled water) on hair with a pressurized spray bottle.

Let hair dry naturally. Quick Wavy Look Tip #1 - Part your hair on the sides and loosely braid the pieces that frame your face. Blow dry these pieces for a few minutes. Let your hair cool down before unbraiding it.

Results: Your hair will be straight at the top and wavy on the bottom. Quick Wavy Look Tip #2 - Part your hair into 1-inch sections. Roll sections up into pin curls and secure with hair clips or bobby pins. Put your shower cap on and jump into the shower. The steam will set your hair as you shower.

Remove the cap afterwards. Take the clips out of your hair and shake your now wavy hair out. Elegant Updo Tip #1 - Tease your hair lightly at the crown before pulling it into a French Twist. This creates more fullness. Elegant Updo Tip #2 - Add a few drops of shine serum product before twisting hair into place to give your updo a polished look. Hair Coloring Tip - Keep hair that's been color-treated healthy by immediately applying a professional deep conditioner after hair has been dyed.

This adds moisture and protects your hair from being over processed. Best Blow Dryer - Invest in a blow dryer that has a nozzle to control air flow and a diffuser for curly styles. Ionic Hair Products - Use an ionic blow dryer and iron because they lock in moisture. Hair becomes shinier and easier to manage.

Updated Hot Rollers - Battery operated hot rollers are great for curly hair styles and, best of all, they're portable.

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Makeup Tips

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