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Hair loss has been a growing concern among the youngsters, both female and male; so has the possibility of any hair loss solution. Heredity, hormonal imbalance, anemia, poor health, stress, child birth, medications, etc., are among the many causes that result in premature hair loss among youngsters. Therefore, offering a common hair loss solution to all types of hair loss would be futile. It is important to identify the right cause and nature of the hair loss and start specific treatment for each problem. Combat Hair Loss offers a number of treatments for all types of hair loss and thinning hair that are common among men and women.

There are four different types of medications offered to combat alopecia in men for example. Revivogen, a form of scalp therapy, is found to be an effective Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) inhibitor, the primary cause of the androgenic alopecia. Revivogen contains hair growth stimulators also. It comes in the form of a hair conditioner and a shampoo. Another DHT inhibitor, Procerin, comes in two different forms, viz.

, the capsule and a tropically applied solution. Procerin has been the popular choice of the hair loss sufferers in the UK because of its vitality to rejuvenate the dead hair. HairMax LaserComb is an effective product for both men and women to combat all types of hair loss. The laser comb stimulates the scalp cells and enhances the fresh growth of the hair. HairMax LaserComb thickens your hair and at the same time improves its cosmetic appearance. Thymuskin, another product intended to combat alopecia and hair thinning in both men and women, is a clinically proven product with its triple power as DHT inhibitor, growth stimulator and scalp conditioner.

Thymuskin is an effective product to combat other scalp problems such as flakiness, itchiness, and soreness. Tricomin is a clinical hair loss solution for women. It uses a technology called the 'Copper Peptide Technology' in it. This treatment focuses on extending the growth phase of the hair follicle rather than relying on the reduction of DHT factor that is irrelevant in women in most cases. www.combat-hair-loss.

co.uk is the most reliable source for hair loss cure. We offer online solutions for various queries from our customers.

Our aim is to impart maximum knowledge to the people and help them choose the right hair loss solution. One of our products, the HairMaxLaserComb, a hair loss cure for males, has been approved by FDA recently. We are in the process of getting the other products lined up for their approval.

Andrew Adler is a well known author who writes on topics related to hair loss for both Male Hair Loss and Female Hair Loss

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