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Hair Inhibitors Just A Hair Removal Scam

Many people experiment with a variety of hair removal methods trying to find the most economical and convenient way to get rid of unwanted body hair. When hair inhibitors came on the market some years ago with the claim that they slow down or even permanently stop hair growth, many thought "At last this is the answer." However, due to dubious or too-good-to-be true claims and many disappointed customers in some cases, shouts of "SCAM!" could be heard with many negative comments on some health and body care forums on the internet. A scam is a dishonest attempt to get you to part with your money by making exaggerated claims or by failing to deliver the goods as promised. Are accusations that hair inhibitors are just another scam justified? Just what is the truth about them? I have been involved with selling hair inhibitors now for some years now and can provide some honest answers.

First, it is important to do a little checking on the company promoting the product and see if there are any negative comments on the internet. Usually just entering the name of the product or the company along with the word "scam" or "complaints" in Google will give you an indication of how the product is perceived and whether it really works as claimed. Some advertisements say that hair inhibitors result in permanent hair removal. Personally, I would say this is the exception rather than the rule. It is generally accepted that electrolysis and laser hair removal are the only true, permanent hair removal methods currently available.

Even then, results can vary from person to person and there can be regrowth and stray hairs which need attention. However I would say this about hair inhibitors: For the majority of users, hair inhibitors can slow down the rate of hair growth if used after each hair removal session. It is important to note that results vary from individual to individual.

In some cases, users may be quite disappointed and see no difference at all. In other cases the results may be poor, good, or excellent, depending on how the person responds to the topical solution. Hair inhibitors work best with hair removal methods that take hair out by the root, such as waxing, sugaring, tweezing or threading.

The enzymes in the product can get into the hair follicle and affect the rate and texture of regrowth so hair removal sessions are not so frequent. Hair removal also becomes easier as time goes on because the hair that does come back is often softer and finer and much easier to remove in subsequent hair removal sessions. So to protect yourself so you are not out of pocket, make sure the hair inhibitor you order carries an unconditional, no questions asked, full money refund guarantee. In my experience, the refund rate for the company I am affiliated with is around 1%, so obviously the majority of users are satisfied to some degree otherwise the refund rate would be much higher. In my book that's a very good level, 99 out of 100 users keep the product.

I have been associated with Nisim International, the makers of Kalo, which has been on the market since the early 1990's. They are a very honest company and offer good customer service. They run a forum for Kalo users and some of the answers the Administrator gives to pointed questions are very helpful. I have set out a selection below so you can judge for yourself as to whether this particular hair inhibitor is worth a trial run or whether it should be dismissed as some individuals with an ax to grind recommend.

In conclusion, Are hair inhibitors just another health and beauty industry scam? It depends on the company. Before parting with your money, do research and make sure the company is reputable and there is a full guarantee. If after 3 or 4 months you don't get the results you want, claim the refund.

That's what the guarantee is there for! How many products you buy at your local supermarket or high street stores could you do that with? If you wish to do more research on Kalo see the resource box below. Here are the questions and answers from the Kalo user forum: Consumer: "Hey its been 4 months since I purchased Kalo hair inhibitor. I have used it 5 times already. I'm really getting worried Kalo won't work for me. I do exactly as it says on the instruction. How come I'm not seeing any results?" Admin: "You may not like this answer, but you may be one of the people it does not work for.

It sounds as though you are doing it correctly. I hope we can help you but if not we will be happy to provide you with a refund." Consumer No. 1: "If Kalo hair inhibitor actually works, why isn't it a very well known and sought after product? It certainly isn't up there with Rogaine or Propecia.

" Admin: "Advertising is really the answer. Big drug companies like Upjohn (Rogaine) and Merck (Propecia) spend about 75 to 100 million dollars each per year advertising just those two products. We don't have anywhere near that kind of budget. We have chosen to grow slowly and steadily by word of mouth and small regional advertising campaigns." Consumer No.

2: "I'm not convinced. Rogaine is FDA approved and proven by clinical controlled double blind studies. Why hasn't Nisim conducted a controlled double blind study to satisfy the scientific community and thus inspire confidence in the public eye?" Admin: "The cost of an FDA approved double blind clinical study is about a million dollars. We have conducted a study (not a double blind study) and it does work.

We guarantee results with a no time limit full money back guarantee." Consumer: "I purchased two Kalo hair inhibitor lotions to decrease the growth of my facial hair. I have used it twice or three times now and didn't see a difference." Admin: "After shaving and using Kalo hair inhibitor you will need to use it for about 3 weeks to start to see a difference.

If you use Kalo after waxing, tweezing or sugaring, you will see a difference in about 2 to 3 sessions." Consumer No. 1: "Are there any reports of Kalo not working?" Consumer No. 2: "Yes, you can find messages on this board to that effect. However, the vast majority of messages I've read have been positive." Consumer: "After only one month and several times with tweezing, hair on the back of my hands and around the nipple area are almost gone.

I'm seeing good results as of now." Admin: "Thanks for the report. Please keep us posted." Consumer: "A fast note about my results with Kalo after about 120 days. Good news still reducing all my pubic hair.

There is now large clean patches of no hair or black spots showing on my skin. All the hair is like fine baby hair now that is still growing back slowly. Very happy with Kalo so far." Admin: "Great! Glad to hear about the good results." Consumer: "Using Kalo hair inhibitor its now only been like 3 months. The pubic hairs that are left are very fine and weak.

Boy as long as you get the hair out by the roots without breaking, this stuff Kalo just works great for me. Good luck to all it just takes time." Admin: "Those are great results. Thank you for posting." Consumer No. 1: "I want to know if Kalo hair inhibitor really works.

" Consumer No. 2: "I bought Kalo sometime in January and it's April now. I can tell you I've seen awesome hair reduction on my stomach only after waxing twice. About 40 percent of my stomach hair is gone! Just to tell you I'm a dark tanned 18 year old male with brown hair.".

Mike's 1BodyCare web site offers a number of discounts on hair inhibitors: http://www.1bodycare.com/kalo.htm Ingrown Hair Treatment: http://www.1bodycare.com/iht.htm Laser Hair Removal Research: http://www.about-hair-removal.com/Laser-Library

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