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Glamorize Your Footwear Like a Celebrity

Unless you are an inveterate socialite with mounds of dressy shoes for special occasions, there's a good chance that an invitation to a swanky affair will send you in a bit of a frenzy over what to wear. You are not alone. Many women worry in these situations because it's important to put together a complete ensemble.

Once you locate the perfect dress for the occasion, there is the big question of what shoes to wear. One point you can settle on right away is that the shoes must have glam appeal. When you think of glamour, I'm sure you can't help but imagine any number of red carpet celebrity award ceremonies and the celebrated catwalk. What footwear is worn more often at these events? Sandals. A pair of $2 million diamond-studded, silver dress sandals by designer Stuart Weitzman may appeal to the celebrity pocketbook, but you don't have to feel compelled to buy expensive footwear to look sensational at your special event. In fact, many of the styles of sandals that are seen on the feet of celebrities are affordable and accessible for hardworking women interested in a glamorous evening look.

The Perfect Sandals With all the types of sandals on the market, it's surprising that one style stands out as being worn more often than any other type of shoe at posh celebrity events?strappy sandals. The one key element of strappy sandals that make them so popular is their versatility. These sandals can complement just about any type of outfit. At the 2007 American Music Awards, multi-award winner Carrie Underwood chose to mate her sophisticated Georges Chakra dress with a pair of sandals complete with ankle straps. Carrie undoubtedly paid a pretty penny for her fancy footwear. A pair of silver dress sandals like the Anne Klein ankle strap thong sandals can offer you a similar elegant appeal at half the cost.

The good news about elegance is that it doesn't have to mean trendy. Classic black strappy sandals, such as those by Manolo Blahnik are also a big hit with celebrities out on the town. While many stars choose spectacular (and costly) one-night wonders, many desire shoes that they can wear to other functions. The Dallae black dress sandals by Nine West have the long-lasting appeal of the Manolo Blahnik and provide a look that stands out from the crowd.

Of course, you don't have to wear what someone considers fashion. Finding the perfect sandals can be as simple as considering your personality. Are you feisty and flamboyant? Slip on a pair of red dress sandals by Franco Sarto Nobility and you're sure to feel like a celebrity. Maybe you're the quiet silent type. If so, a gorgeous pair of bronze dress sandals, such as Calvin Klein's Rachel sandals may suit you just fine.

Finalizing Your Look So, you've found the perfect outfit and sandals for your special occasion. Don't forget to finalize your look. If your choice for the evening is a pair of Anne Klein gold dress sandals, a matching handbag is a definite must. Another way to ensure your shoes stand out is to wear accessories that complement the detail of your sandals.

A pair of white dress sandals by Bandolino with jewels for a t-strap are screaming for matching jewelry. Whatever you decide to use to complete your outfit, make sure you keep it tasteful so the fashion police don't give you a ticket!.

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