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Exercise Your Way to Healthier Skin

Sufferers of oily skin do not just suffer from excess oil production on their faces. They also suffer from skin that does not appear healthy, pores that become clogged and aggravated, outbreaks of acne, and the emotional toll it takes when people see oily skin and think callous thoughts. In those respects, oily skin can become more than just a skin type. It becomes a condition that can put a weight of unhappiness on your shoulders.

But perhaps you already have established a good skin care regime. You cleanse, carefully exfoliate, use toner, avoid moisturizers, and stay away from any products that will cause your skin to automatically produce more oil. You may have even heard the news that eating healthy helps take better care of your skin and have thus improved your diet. If this is the case, then you are already on your way to improved skin.

Yet there is still one more little thing you can do that will help you on the road to drier, healthier skin. Do you exercise? If not, that could be exactly what you are missing. It does not entirely matter what it is that you decide to do.

Go jogging. Do yoga. Lift weights.

Take a karate class. Exercise does not necessarily mean you have to drive yourself to the limit of exhaustion, nor does it mean you have to focus on bulking up your muscles or losing weight. Exercising simply to keep fit and letting your skin reap the benefits is all you need to aim for. Because societies have become so focused on exercise as the hard way to weight loss, people forget the fact that exercise is simply good for them, and in this case, for your oily skin. Not only does exercise help build collagen which reduces wrinkles and fine lines, as well as increasing healthy and helpful circulation which provides nutrients to skin cells, it can help make a big difference in your fight against oily skin.

You already know that acne outbreaks are caused by an overproduction of oil on your skin; too much sebum catches foreign particles and clogs pores. This oil production is often due to hormone variations. Regular exercise can help regulate certain hormones, giving your body more internal balance and easing the production of sebum, which will lead to less oil and less acne.

Stress is another important factor in the production of sebum and exercise can help you to unwind, taking out all that extra energy. In doing so, it also takes out the reasons behind the extra oil production, offering you less oily skin to deal with. The sweat produced while you work out is also helpful. Because oily skin can mean clogged pores, a good sweat will push out all those clogging materials and give you an edge over any acne breakouts that may have been looming. After a time, you may even notice a change in your skin color.

While living with oily skin you may have noticed your complexion to be duller, maybe with uneven coloring in your skin. Exercise will help to bring back your rosy cheeks and healthy glowing skin from all the cleansing your exercise has given it, from both sweating and the increased circulation. Always be sure to drink plenty of water after you have finished your exercise of choice. Drinking water, though it has nothing to do with adding moisture to your skin (that is a fable; drinking water does not suddenly moisturize skin!), it does hydrate your body and the overall effects of a healthier body includes healthier skin. A myth to look out for is the myth of facial exercises. If you want to help your oily skin by exercise, this means you must do full body exercises, not facial exercises.

These do nothing to help your skin, either in the next few months or the next few years. In fact, facial exercises may even increase winkles and fine lines rather than help you avoid them. They will do absolutely nothing in the ways of helping you free yourself from oily skin. Adding exercise to your plan of attack when it comes to oily skin may be the final trick to helping you control your oily skin. Not to mention that you will feel better, have more energy, and look great overall.

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