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Men and women face a common problem in the form of unwanted hair on the body. They have to make constant hair removal efforts such as shaving, tweezing, or waxing to get rid of their annoying hair. People employ different methods of hair removal. However, before we explore different types of hair removal products, let us try to classify hair. The broad classification of hair includes Terminal and Vellus. The terminal hairs are usually dark, coarse, and long and are commonly visible on head, pubic region, and armpits.

Among men, it appears in areas like face, chest, legs, and back. This type of hair mainly helps to protect and cushion the skin. Another category of hair is Vellus, which are fine, soft, and short in length. It appears among women at areas like face, back, and chest. Vellus hair helps the body in maintaining a steady temperature. This is the hair people want to get rid of so much.

The skin care industry in on a boom and the market is flooding with different types of hair removal products. Men and Women, now have immense options for smooth hair removal processes. However, to choose best hair removal product, which is skin friendly is a difficult task.

Many alluring hair removal products may prove ineffective and result in loss of your money. You have to employ effective hair removal methods, which protects your skin. The various methods of hair removal include shaving, tweezing, waxing, electrolysis and laser hair removal. Shaving is among the most common forms of hair removal methods. You may find it easy to do and consumes less time.

However, it has drawbacks like cuts, razor burn and bumps. The results of shaving may last for few days. Some people often want long lasting results and try hair removal methods like tweezing. The results of this hair removal method may last for few weeks.

However, this process is time consuming and may be painful. Many people especially women try waxing option for hair removal. It can produce results lasting for weeks.

However, this process may prove to be painful if hair is less than one-fourth of an inch in thickness. People can also try electrolysis process of hair removal in which a professional inserts a needle into the hair follicle, which helps to send an electric current to the root of the hair. This current kills the hair root, which results in permanent hair removal. This is very time-consuming and painful process.

Laser hair removal is another long lasting hair removal method. Its results can last for months. However, laser hair removal can be expensive and may result in redness and inflammation among the users. One of the most effective and easy methods, which people can choose is depilatory hair removal creams.

These creams remove hair from the skin's surface by breaking down the bonds, which are responsible for hair strength. These products are simple to use. However, some people may have a reaction to the ingredients in the cream, resulting in a rash or inflammation. Some manufacturers of these products, keeping in mind these factors; have come up with fine products like Ingrow Go, which reduces the possibility of rashes and inflammation.

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