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Top Products for Cuticles

Quick Tip

I've compiled a list of the best cuticle products on the market today. Here they are with some links to buy!

  1. Nailtiques Hand and Cuticle Cream. If you prefer creams to oils, this is a great bet.
  2. Burt's Bee Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. This cream is not only affordable ($3.25 - $4.99), it's also a great for softening your cuticles & your hands.
  3. FACE Stockholm Nail Food. Face Stockholm has some of the primo products on the beauty market & this cuticle 'food' is fabulous. It contains sesame oil, lavender & myrrh.
  4. Creative Nail Design Systems SolarOil.

    This product has jojoba oil, Vitamin E & almond oil. Check it out .

  5. Decleor Nail Treatment Oil. This cuticle softener has essential oils of myrrh, lemon & parsley.
  6. Kiehl's Cuticle Cream. I swear by Kiehl's and this product has high ratings.

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