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Current Trends In Jewelry

Jewelry has its trends and its stages in fashion too. What are the current trends in America? Interestingly enough, it doesn't seem to depend on what age group you're looking at. Across the board, for virtually all ages, brooches or pins have almost entirely left the world of accessories. While many women still have many pins in their collections, they are rarely seen in comparison to the frequency of seeing earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.

For some reason, pins have seemingly fallen out of favor with the current trends in fashion, and many women are no longer wearing the brooches they inherited from their grandmothers. It should also be said though that women are not throwing them out; like all trends in fashion, pins are certain to come back at some point, the only question is when. As for earrings, it seems that earrings have seen the most change in jewelry fashions in recent years.

The small studs, small hoops and occasional small dangles are being replaced with oversized dangle earrings. These earrings are not like the old fashion of oversized hoops; this current fashion is for oversized dangles, not oversized in length, but in width. Dangle earrings are currently quite long, but their length is not remarkable; the width, however, is quite shocking. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish the hair from the earrings because the dangles seem to fill virtually the whole area surrounding the face.

Despite their size, these dangle earrings are quite pretty, feminine and elegant. They are not the 21st century equivalent to oversized hoops that were frequently worn as a kind of rebellious style of jewelry; these dangles are in the mainstream and they are beautiful despite their size. Everyday wear rings have not changed drastically in recent years, at least not in style. Styles are similar, although an important change to note is the frequency of platinum that is now being used. Traditionally, platinum was often used for wedding or engagement rings, now it is still used for both of those types of rings, but there are also a lot of simple gemstone rings that are platinum. Another current jewelry trend, in wedding bands only, is to have a solid band of diamonds instead of a solid band of gold or platinum.

More and more women are choosing this style of wedding band; it can be seen on the fingers of many recent American brides. Changes in necklaces and bracelets are also minimal, although one trend is that some jewelry is becoming more 'tribal', or having more of an ethnic look to it. While simple solitaire pendants and simple bracelets are still popular, bolder, heavier, more colorful styles in necklaces and bracelets are also hitting the jewelry scene. What is nice about this is that it doesn't seem to be competing with more traditional styles of bracelets and necklaces, whereas the current trend in dangle earrings certainly seems to be virtually eradicating other styles of earrings.

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