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Breast Enhancement in an Hour

Feminism might be on the rise but you just cannot beat the fact that the obsession with an hourglass figure is equally pervasive in female minds. It is thus no wonder that more and more women are submitting themselves under the surgeon's scalpel and amongst the plethora of cosmetic cures, breast enhancement rules the roost. Breast enhancement involves the enlargement of the breast via surgery or various other non surgical modes.

The enhancement of the breast via surgery involves implanting saline, silicone gel or hydrogel either beneath the breast, or through the areola or axilla. The surgery is over within an hour and fifteen minutes and you can return home the same day. Postoperative care is simple enough. You only need to take cold packs to lessen the swelling and if required, some drugs to abate the uneasiness.

The scars lighten gradually and you can resume your normal routine within 3-4 weeks. Breast implants are safe for lactating mothers as well. However there have been cases of leakages, hardening of the breast, infection and loss of nipple sensation following breast implants. Though not proven to cause breast cancer, surgical breast enhancement technique has its vehement protestors.

Not wanting to go through the rigors of a surgery and desiring an alternative to the artificial look and feel of a breast implant, more and more women are turning towards non surgical breast enhancement methods like the pill, pump, cream or a special brassiere. Amongst these, natural breast enhancement modes like the herbal pill are fast gaining appeal. The pill, should however be taken with extreme caution for the market and the Internet is flooded with cons which actually do more harm than good. After you spot the right pill, you need to follow certain lifestyle guidelines to ensure prompt results. While you are on the pill, avoid caffeine and carbohydrates. A protein-rich diet is known to catalyze the effects of the breast enlargement pill.

Do not go on a pill popping spree. Religiously adhere to the dosage prescribed by the medical practitioner. It is said that the pill in combination with a breast enhancement cream or gel always produces a synergistic effect. Amongst the other non surgical breast augmentation modes, the pump has created quite a stir with some women claiming increase in their breast size by as much as two cups.

The pump works by a suction method wherein the breast is pulled outwards. Regular use of the pump brings about cellular growth, thereby increasing the breast size. Detractors however claim that the pump has only a temporary effect and is prone to cause damage to the soft breast tissue. The non surgical methods of breast enlargement are safer and convenient than surgery.

However, you need to guard against fakes and tall claims of the manufacturers. It is best to research thoroughly, consult the physician before embarking on a breast enhancement regime. The proper procedure will have the gawky plain Jane blossom out into a woman of rare appeal and beauty.

David Maillie is an alumni of Cornell University and specializes in biochemical synthesis for public, private, and governmental interests. He can be reached at M.D. Wholesale: http://www.bestskinpeel.com

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