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A howto guide to buying jewelry displays online

Jewelry display selections have increased and prices have fallen as wholesalers tap direct channels to their end-user. Buying jewelry displays has become increasingly complicated with the proliferation of online stores. While the benefits of buying jewelry displays online are signficant in cost savings, one can become lost in an online store. For those attention-disadvantaged, it is quite easy to lose focus on a project when dropped into a website with hundreds of display options.

To help users stay on budget and maximize their online experience we recommend the following steps: 1) Locate a reputable online jewelry display store that manufactures their own products. While most online jewelry display resellers are distributors, there are some manufacturers who do sell factory-direct. Quality control tends to be more consistent and quality tends to be better when you buy from a manufacturer versus a distributor. While prices will generally be lower, a manufacturer also has more flexibility to offer discounts.

A manufacturer can make custom orders in smaller quantities, as well as turn out custom orders quicker with more flexibility. 2) Draw a sketch of your display surface areas and include dimensions. Get feedback from coworkers and store owner(s).

It is advisable to contact a jewelry display manufacturer. If they know you will be making a purchase they might be willing to offer visual merchandising suggestions. 3) Pencil in the display types and the approximate dimensions if necessary. It is important to give adequate space between displays in three dimensions.

Remember that displays occupy length, width, and height and should be spaced so that they enhance the space and not crowd or under fill space. 4) If you know what types of displays you are going to purchase the hard part is over. If you are adding to a set that is already in place then adding a clean item or two will be easy. If you are starting from scratch it is recommended that you mockup display settings during closed hours to see how your sketches look in real time. 5) Find a website that segregates by type of jewelry display. We recommend staying away from ebay as there are only one or two jewelry display vendors who sort their displays by display type.

You will also suffer the higher shipping fees which are often jacked up to offset the cost of fees ebay charges sellers. For example, a website that separates displays by earrings, pendants, bangles, etc will be a little easier to navigate than a website that segregates displays by bust form, showcase tray, earring tree, etc. 6) Search for and find the larger displays first. As there are usually more options for smaller displays this will help keep your searching time reasonable. With large displays decided the daunting task of selecting among hundreds of smaller displays is easier.

7) Don't forget to include platforms. Platforms will create more aesthetic display volume and will permit more items to be displayed without cluttering viewable display space. A good rule of thumb is you should use slightly less quantity of displays on top of the platform than are displayed directly in front of the platform. 8) Make sure you check the exchange and return policy. As most jewelry displays are handmade and show human handling easily, it is important to read these policies carefully.

If you are buying from a new store or are making a large purchase it is recommended that you make a smaller "sample" purchase first so that you feel comfortable with the quality and ensure that the larger purchase will be appropriate. 9) Once you have received your merchandise make sure that you inspect immediately ? inspect every item. Try not to remove packaging if possible, as some companies do not take back merchandise if it has been opened.

If damage is present save all of your packaging, including the shipping carton and contact the company from which you purchased immediately. Often these companies use transit companies, such as UPS or Fedex, that require immediate damage claim notification on the part of the shipper. There are many online jewelry display options. With some due diligence finding the right online store, purchasing the best products and streamlining your purchase experience will be easy.

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