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A Cheap Engagement Ring Doesnt Have To Look That Way

Let's face it. Not everyone can afford to pay out three entire months worth of paychecks for the purchase of an engagement ring. But, just because you need a cheap engagement ring to proclaim your commitment to your special someone, doesn't mean you or the ring are "cheap.

" You can find lots of high quality, beautiful rings that still fall in the inexpensive engagement ring. While it's true social matrons might expect that 3-month rule to apply, if your loved one respects you and understands your situation, it's not likely she's expecting a 5-carat diamond on a half-carat salary. With this in mind, it's also very likely true that you don't want a cheap engagement ring to look that way.

If you want something spectacular but don't want to pay full price, you're in luck. There are things you can do to get an inexpensive engagement ring that's worth a whole lot more. Here are some ideas on where to look for an engagement ring that isn't really "cheap" and certainly doesn't look that way: * Classified ads. The local newspaper and even online classified ads can net some great buys on rings that happen to be worth more than a person is willing to part with the ring for. Divorce sales, estate sales and so on can provide really good buys on cheap engagement rings.

If shopping this way, however, do insist on appraisals to make sure the engagement ring you buy isn't a fake. Many people do sell very good diamonds for less than they're worth, but sometimes scams can happen. Be aware and you should be able to ensure your purchase is actually a good buy. * Auctions.

Online and face-to-face auctions can also offer up great buys on cheap engagement rings. The appraisal rule applies here, too, however. It can't hurt to ask for an appraisal, and if the seller isn't willing to submit paperwork, perhaps you might want to look in the next location. * Jewelry stores. Many times the very best jewelers in town will discount their rings so that a cheap ring can be had while still offering a great size, stone and overall look.

This is done oftentimes to make way for new merchandise and even to pull new customers into the stores. Whatever the case, don't overlook professional jewelers. * Your own family. Sometimes family members will have heirloom rings they'd like you to use for your married. In this case, the cheap ring will likely be anything but.

The ring will carry with it not only a free price tag, but also a history that's special. Searching for cheap engagement rings doesn't make you cheap. Few people can afford to follow the three-month rule, but that doesn't mean they need to give their loved one a ring that's less than appealing. Shop around, use common sense and don't be willing to settle for less than what you really want her to have - within reason.

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